OPTIONS is currently involved in a number of service areas including the following:

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Support is provided to individuals in their own homes. The focus to providing residential support has shifted away from the traditional “group homes” and at present this kind of situation typically involves two or three individuals sharing a house. Funding for staff support is obtained through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD).

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OPTIONS provides day program, job and/or community support. As the focus to providing daytime support has shifted away somewhat from the “sheltered workshop” environment, individualized funding has been utilized again to facilitate an individuals’ inclusion in community based, meaningful daytime alternatives.


Increasingly, people with disabilities have moved into the private homes of individuals or families. The “service providers” operate as independent entities and OPTIONS may be contracted to monitor them. Monitoring involves, among other things, ensuring that the service plan developed is being followed, recommending changes, and providing a liaison between the individuals, government and community representatives.

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